The Lost Duchess is released this Thursday, 7 November, and there’ll be a mini-launch at Bromham Library, Springfield Drive, Bedford MK43 8NT at 2.30, when I’ll be giving a little presentation about Raleigh’s ‘Lost Colony’ and the background to the book, with tea and cakes kindly provided by Bedford Borough Libraries. Please do come along! There’s an invitation here:

Authors invite to Jenny Barden BB (466x640)

I’m also proud to say that the first review of The Lost Duchess has appeared online on Bookishly Attentive and it’s come as a complete and magnificent surprise, not least because I have no connection with this site or the reviewer at all. “In my almost five years of reviewing… there have been a few times, and only a few, when I have been completely and totally blown away by a book that I’ve read,” says Debra Ross. “This usually happens when there is a happy confluence of subject matter, writing prowess, research skill and character development, wrapped up in a believable, action filled story. If you haven’t already guessed, The Lost Duchess, by Jenny Barden, is one of those books…  The last few chapters are suspenseful, dramatic, and satisfying in their resolution. It’s at this point that the pages practically turned by themselves. Revelations come fast and furious; love and life are affirmed between father and son, friends, and lovers.  I did not want it to end.”

Isn’t that fabulous?! The full review can be found here:

That’s got the Duchess off to a good start!

Then I’ll be taking part in the Festival of Romance, booksigning at Waterstones on Friday 8 November, 11-13 Silver Street, Bedford MK40 1SY, from 11.30am-1.00pm, and reading (in full Elizabethan dress!) at the ‘Art & Romance Evening’, the Higgins Museum & Art Gallery, Castle Lane, Bedford MK40 3XD. Talking books amongst the works of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood is going to be sublime!  The next day, Saturday 9 November, I’ll be participating in the Romance Fair at the Harpur Suite , Corn Exchange, Bedford MK40 1LE – offering a prize of The Lost Duchess (and chocolate!) to anyone who can guess the weight of my musket balls! In the evening will be the Festival Ball, and the Duchess has been shortlisted for the ‘Best Historical Read’ Award so that promises to be hugely enjoyable – and exciting! Looking forward to catching up with writer and reader friends and making new ones…


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