The PromiseI adored this book: poignant, moving and most sensitively written; it speaks of human frailty and endurance, and the way love can flower like a bloom on shifting sands. The voices of the two central characters – Nan, the illiterate helpmeet, and Catherine, the privileged pianist – are totally convincing, despite the gulf between them in background. These voices ring true throughout the struggle of Nan and Catherine to come to terms with one another and the changes in their lives. Catherine’s burgeoning love for the dairy farmer, Oscar, and his little boy, Andre, delicately unfolds like the petals of a rose. The historical details are perfectly drawn. I shall not speak of the great natural disaster that forms the backdrop to the final chapters for fear of spoiling anyone’s read. A beautiful, heart-rending story. Recommended




  1. 11-9-2014

    Jenny, thank you so much. I’m deeply touched by your gracious review especially since you’re a gifted novelist. I also realize you’re busy so it means the world that you took the time to read The Promise and then write the review.

    • 11-9-2014

      My pleasure, Ann. I was sorry to finish your wonderful book. It’s not often that I get as much pleasure from a read – now I’m hankering for more!

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